A simple, yet super effective routine
A small amount of time
A definite confidence boost…
Power-packed, nourishing ingredients!

Wearing all my favorite Crunchi Products:
Daylight + Sunlight
Perfect Primer (let set for a few seconds)
2.0 Beautifully Flawless Foundation (No.1 Brush)
Healthy Glow Bronzer (No.4 Brush)
Crave Blush (No.3 Brush)
Lit Highlighter (No.5 Brush)
Dark Brown Brow Pomade (No.10 Brush)
Innocent & Reflective Eyeshadows (No.7 & No.9 Brush)
Espresso Highliner lips+ Ella Gloss
What are your go-to everyday natural makeup products?

Check out my favs at www.crunchi.com/kathrynlattimer

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