These adorable Cupid’s arrow fruit skewers are perfect healthy snack for little ones this Valentine’s Day! Not only are they fun to eat but little ones love making them too. I love cooking and making things with the boys. It allows us time to bond with each other, talk about the day, and talk about how important it is to eat real whole foods.

When I talk about the importance of eating healthy with the boys, I try to take it beyond the standard, ‘this is good for you’ statement. The boys are 5 and 7 now, so when we were making these fruit skewers we talked about how strawberries and raspberries have lycopene in them and that is what gives them the red color. And then we talked about how lycopene helps protect your heart and body and why it is important to eat foods that nourish your body and give them vitamins and nutrients.

So how did we make these adorable fruit skewers? First, we assembled our ingredients: strawberries, raspberries, clementine, skewers, knife and cutting board. We try to prioritize organic produce when we can but if we can’t because it isn’t available or because of pricing conventional produce is ok! Better to be eating real food than processed foods. And we always wash our produce before eating in some baking soda and water.
Next, we cut a “V” on the top of the strawberry to make it look like a <3! And peel the clementime.
Now comes the fun part. Assemble the Cupid’s arrow fruit skewers by adding the two clementime pieces first, then alternate strawberry, raspberry, strawberry, raspberry, and strawberry, raspberry. Be mindful of this part as the top of the skewer is very pointy and could hurt someone if poked with it. Or if you kids like to use anything around the house as weapons like mine do to play fight. lol.

Now enjoy! The boys loved making and eating these. They even went outside to eat them and were asking if we could make more and sell them outside. lol. Enjoy creating these sweet memories with your kids. For these are the moments they will remember and treasure forever.

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