Two winters ago I discovered that I was having an adverse reaction to elderberry syrup. It was triggering my asthma which hadn’t bothered me in years. I had used it years before without any problems but for some reason, after my pregnancy with Conor, my body didn’t react well to it.

So I was on the hunt for another powerhouse to help me get through cold and flu season. And let me tell you I definitely hit the jackpot. I made a jar of garlic honey and it has been the most powerful homemade remedy to date. This has helped me with everything from sinus infections to colds to sore throats. I take a teaspoon at the onset and feel the improvement the next day.

Let’s take a moment to look at why this powerhouse is so effective.
Benefits of garlic:
Help treat cough and cold
Provides relief from asthma and acne
Aids digestion
Helps ear and eye infections
Relieves intestinal ailments
Helps hypertension and high cholesterol levels
Benefits of RAW honey:
Please note there is a difference between raw honey and pasteurized honey. It costs a little more but the health benefits are worth every penny.
All nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes are intact
Anti-viral and anti-fungal properties
Powerful antioxidants
Boosts immune function
Helps allergies
Helps stabilize blood sugar
Helps skin conditions
So how do you make it?
Take a 4oz jar
Put some raw garlic on the bottom
Layer raw honey on top; continue layering the garlic and honey until it is filled
You can even add some onions in there too if you want
Let it sit for a minimum of 24 hours before using. I have used it after 24 hours and it is effective BUT if you let it sit for a month you will find yourself with a rich elixir.

Tip: I like to keep two jars filled so that I can use one while the other is becoming rich and ready to be used. If there is one thing I recommend you invest in for cold and flu season it is this!!
How much do you take?
Take a teaspoon/tablespoon at the onset of illness and take an additional teaspoon/tablespoon as necessary.

I keep this stored in a cupboard in a cool dark place; even after opening.

Have you ever tried garlic honey before? Or do you plan on making some this winter?

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