The boys decided to help me out by bringing in and unpacking the groceries.
It was indeed the sweetest thing ever. It was one of those moments that makes this whole journey of motherhood worth it.

I was upstairs in the bedroom, putting laundry away when I heard them talking to each other about how they wanted to surprise me. I could listen to them tearing apart the packages and their voices full of excitement as they said, “I know where this goes.” They even made a pile for me to put away the stuff they didn’t know where it went.

I love seeing them want to help around the house. They are interested in putting together a chore chart to earn an allowance for helping out. So we are going to work on that this weekend together.

So it got me to wondering what types of chores do you children do around the house? And if you give them an allowance, how much do you give them?

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