Have you heard of the wet sock treatment?

It’s a hydrotherapy technique use to treat:
sinus infections
respiratory infections
What you need:
warm comfy pjs
a pair of cotton socks
a pair of wool socks
What to do:
Get everything ready for bedtime so you can go right to bed after the treatment.

Put the pair of cotton socks in cold water.

Take a warm bath or soak your feet in a warm basin for 10 minutes.

Get out of the tub, dry off and put warm comfy pjs on.

Ring out the cotton socks and put them on your feet.

Put the wool socks over the cotton socks.

Go to bed and you will wake up in the morning to find your socks dry.
How it works:
As your body works to warm your feet up it increases the blood flow in your body. As you circulation increases, it activates your lymph system which also increases your immune system to help the germs in your body.

Who knew that such a simple thing could help you through cold and flu season? Give it a try.

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