Have you been green-washed?

have you been greenwashed

Few things get me more fired up than companies who use marketing tactics to make you think their products are safe when they contain harmful chemicals. I have fallen prey to these tactics before which is why I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering you to make the best choices for you […]

Toxin-free Mattress Selection

Did you know that we spend over 25% of our lives in bed? That is why mattresses selection are an important investment when detoxing your home. Unfortunately, mattresses are loaded with noxious chemicals, including: Various petrochemicals. Indeed, MOST of what makes up a conventional mattress are petroleum-based. Plastics or vinyls. Flame retardant chemicals Synthetic latex, […]

Learning to Help Around the House, lol

The boys decided to help me out by bringing in and unpacking the groceries. It was indeed the sweetest thing ever. It was one of those moments that makes this whole journey of motherhood worth it. I was upstairs in the bedroom, putting laundry away when I heard them talking to each other about how […]

Anatomy of a Make-Ahead Mason Jar Salad

With warmer weather here and fresh produce in season, there is nothing like a fresh salad. I have been enjoying these make-ahead mason jar salads for meal prep and easy on the go healthy eating. I usually prep them for the week on Sunday and they have lasted me until Friday! I also love to […]

90 Seconds to Glowing Skin

My morning skincare routine takes exactly 83 seconds. 83 seconds every morning I devote to taking care of my skin. I nourish, massage, and give thanks to it. Over the years it has become part of my morning self-care routine. Cleanse w charcoal facial bar in the shower Jose Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator to rehydrate the […]

11 Remedies for a Sore Throat

It is not often I have a sore throat but when I do get one it is often painful. So I am sharing some of my tried and true ways to soothe my sore throat and support my immune system to speed up the recovery process. A sore throat is any kind of inflammatory process […]

8 Food to Boost your Immune System and Relieve Allergies

8 Food to Boost your Immune System and Relieve Allergies It’s that time of year here in New York where the trees are budding and my poor Logan is sniffling and sneezing with allergies. Before we dive into ways to support your immune system with allergies, let’s take a moment to talk about what allergies […]

How the Wet Sock Treatment Works

Have you heard of the wet sock treatment? It’s a hydrotherapy technique use to treat: cold flu earaches fevers sinus infections respiratory infections coughs What you need: warm comfy pjs a pair of cotton socks a pair of wool socks water towel bathtub What to do: Get everything ready for bedtime so you can go […]

Powerful Garlic Honey: Great Cold and Flu Remedy

Two winters ago I discovered that I was having an adverse reaction to elderberry syrup. It was triggering my asthma which hadn’t bothered me in years. I had used it years before without any problems but for some reason, after my pregnancy with Conor, my body didn’t react well to it. So I was on […]

Honey Onion Cough Syrup – For What Ails You

We are all battling head colds over here and at night the past few nights I have had a pesky cough. Well, yesterday I made this onion cough syrup and last night my cough was gone. Wowza, I can’t believe how well this worked. I even took an extra tsp to bed in a shot […]