have you been greenwashed

Have you been green-washed?

Few things get me more fired up than companies who use marketing tactics to make you think their products are safe when they contain harmful chemicals. I have fallen prey to these tactics before which is why I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering you to make the best choices for you

Our Clean Living Journey

I used to think that companies had the customer’s best interest at heart. I mean surely companies that packaged products for innocent babies would only put the best ingredients in their products and make sure they are safe enough for them, right? Wrong. I discovered this after my oldest had a horrible reaction to Aveeno’s

Toxin-free Mattress Selection

Did you know that we spend over 25% of our lives in bed? That is why mattresses selection are an important investment when detoxing your home. Unfortunately, mattresses are loaded with noxious chemicals, including: Various petrochemicals. Indeed, MOST of what makes up a conventional mattress are petroleum-based. Plastics or vinyls. Flame retardant chemicals Synthetic latex,

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